An introduction to S-PLUS for Windows 
 by Longhow Lam 
 paperback 270 mm x 170 mm 230 pages

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An Introduction to R  

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About this book

Over the years S-PLUS has proven to be a powerful tool for professional statisticians and data analysts. With the release of S-PLUS for Windows, featuring pull down menus and dialogs, the advanced statistical and visualization techniques of S-PLUS have become easily accessible for all users. Its graphical interface has made S-PLUS very popular among a much wider group of people than ever before.


Using S-PLUS through the graphical user interface may satisfy the needs of many users. However, those whose needs extend beyond what is offered by the ready-made GUI routines can take advantage of the extensive possibilities of the elegant object oriented S language contained in S-PLUS. An introduction into the S language can be found in Chapters 8 and 9.


About the author

Longhow Lam is employed by Tele2 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where he works as a data mining analist. He has worked with S-PLUS in different environments over the years, as fraud detection modeler for Interpay, as researcher on statistical models for AIDS incubation time for the Amsterdam Municipal Health Service, as S-PLUS product specialist for CAN diensten in Amsterdam, as a statistical consultant for Business&Decision and as risk modeler for ABN-AMRO bank in Amsterdam.

"This Introduction book is easy to read yet quite thorough. It follows a logical
sequence and is extremely well illustrated. I highly recommend it for starting users!"

Steven P. Millard, Ph.D.